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Trade Show Booth Design Spain with 6 Current Keys to Success. The stands design has been gaining force in the last years, hand in hand with the success of fairs and events that bring together millions of people around the world. In addition, it is that those who participate in these events are very clear that the products and services they sell have to be presented in the framework of a few windows that serve to multiply their attraction. Therefore, in addition to preparing a good range of products, those involved in these events are aware of trends in the world of design and decoration of stands.

The characteristics of the fashion stands

First, we have to confirm that, as in other areas of design, the “less is more” guideline predominates. Therefore, it is committed to minimalism and balanced and sober lines. However, this minimalism does not equate to boredom. So remember the importance of introducing creative elements in this decoration model. For example, it is essential to leave the comfort zone and opt for striking materials. Lighting, on the other hand, does not have to be excessive either. In this sense, it is enough to illuminate the key places and the chosen type will have to be related to the environment that one wants to recreate.

In addition, we must emphasize that some innovations will also have their space. For example, technology, with functional objectives (payments through smartphones, apps …), must be present. Sustainability and savings in expendable elements will also have a basic importance, which will demonstrate interest in Corporate Social Responsibility of the company. Lastly, let’s not forget that olfactory marketing is starting to creep in among the staff. In short, stand design modernizes to optimize its attractiveness.

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Stands design at tourism fairs: the success of FITUR

Tourism fairs are a great opportunity for companies and countries to make themselves known to a large number of people. Design stands at tourism fairs are undoubtedly one of the key elements to project our brand. Between the most important trade fair events, we have in Spain Expovacaciones Bilbao; B Travel, Barcelona’s tourism hall; Navartur, international tourism fair Kingdom of Navarra or IBTM World Barcelona among others, which seek to promote their holiday destination.

However, if we must highlight one especially, that is FITUR, International Tourism Fair, one of the most important fairs in the world held in Madrid since 1980, hosting in each edition a large number of countries and regions.

At European level, there are other events comparable to the projection of the Madrid Fair, such as the World Travel Market London, ITB Berlin, Vakantiebeurs Utrecht, IMEX Frankfurt.

The exhibition stands and the marketing, according Adam ExpoStand
Nowadays, it is evident that social networks have covered everything that refers to business marketing. It is, without a doubt, a powerful tool that can help us a lot in the development and growth of our company. However, it is important to point out that fair marketing is one of the key points if we want to strengthen our brand.

The companies of the tourism sector have it very clear, and test of it is the great number that takes part in FITUR in every occasion, as well as in other tourism fairs. The advertising and economic resultant impact of taking part in an event of these characteristics is very important, but how to transmit an image adapted to our brand and to call the attention of the possible consumers? This is where the exhibition stands come into play.

The companies, delegations and organizations that meet in Madrid during the tourism fair, aware of this reality, are involved to create the best advertising islands that attract the attention of visitors, the media and professional observers.

Which have been the best-rated stands of FITUR?

FITUR also wants to reward this involvement on the part of the brands, so it organizes events in which it is assessed which have been the best stands of the event, which carries a major advertising projection for the organizing company of this one.

In 2018 the stands that were awarded were the following:

- In the category of Institutions and Autonomous Communities, the award-winning stands were Aragón, Valencian Community and Tourism of Galicia.

- In the Countries chapter, the stands of the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador; Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Latvia Tourism Board. In addition, special mention was granted to the SECTUR Guerrero stand.

- In the category of companies, the Best Stands of FITUR have fallen to Paradores; the Spanish Association of Hoteliers of Madrid, AEHM, and Segittur KNOW HOW & EXPORT. In this case, the stand of H10 Hotels also received special mention.



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