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The stands decoration for fairs with ideas and practical advices that really help the exhibitors.

At the moment of confronting the ideal booth design it is necessary to bear different factors in mind. It is not possible to lose of sight that the principal intention of a stand in which exhibition or fair is to help in the commercial strategy. To report reflecting the style and spirit of a company.

Therefore, it is essential in the booth decoration to analyze both the purely aesthetic and the psychological aspect. For this, it is necessary to use resources as diverse as stand design and furniture, lighting, graphic design, light, technical equipment, audiovisual media, colors …

To help in this complex task of design and assembly of stands the ideal thing is to follow these ideas and advices.

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Logo and graphic design

Before going into details about furniture and decoration, we must begin with the first, the logo or the graphic image of the company. A poster, a logo, a graphic display or a totem is the first visual impression offered by a stand.

The visitor must be able to find the stand that they are looking for as quickly as possible. In addition, the stand must stand out over the rest of the exhibition or fair. For this, we must be especially careful with the size of the logos or graphic resources, and their location. They should be easily visible both at a short distance and from a distance.

The use of corporate colors will help visitors find the company and consequently the stand from a great distance.

Booth decoration and Furniture

The stand design must guarantee an unmistakable identification of the exhibiting company image. The color, quality and style must be in accordance with the identity and what wants to convey.

As for furniture and decoration, it is better quality than quantity. The furniture and decoration should be impressive and create a visual appeal, but without becoming a small crowded space. The visitor should feel comfortable, not intimidated by the decoration. Moreover, of course there must be a space with a fluid circulation. For this, the optimum is to create different areas and spaces:

- Exhibitors with brochures, displays or flyers for visitors.

- A space with a table and chairs for small meetings.

- Cupboards and storage space with a careful design.

- Screen or audio-visual projector.

- Having a counter with stools and a small bar is an additional attraction when it comes to giving to our customers.


The colors in the decoration of a fair stand are very important. They affect both the aesthetic and the emotional factor. The colors together with the logo help to identify the company, both for visitors who are already customers and recognize it for them, as well as for new ones who will remember it in part because of the combination of colors or their corporate color. When choosing colors, you must take into account several aspects, both the socio-cultural of the place where the fair or exhibition is held and the psychological ones.

For example, the colors red, pink and orange are the so-called warm colors and give the decoration a friendly and close character. But be careful, do not abuse them.

On the other hand, colors called cold such as blue, green or turquoise are soothing and give a feeling of stability. They are perfect to create a sense of professionalism and relate to technology or computer services.


We must try to differentiate between the general lighting of the stand and the one we want to highlight in a specific element or area. The general lighting should be enough to stand out between the corridors and the own lighting of the fair. But it is also interesting to play with dark highlights and create a more intense light that places the focal point in an area of interest or an object that you want to highlight.

Audiovisual media

The audiovisual communication systems are a plus of attractiveness and effectiveness to transmit information about the company. It is the perfect resource to attract the attention of people who pass near a stand. An aid to make the products known effectively to the greatest number of people.

However, you have to count with two aspects:

1) Audiovisual media cannot substitute direct communication, but reinforce it.

2) The volume of audiovisual equipment cannot and should not disturb conversations or meetings.

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Expofranquicia Madrid, Tele Lavo and Adam ExpoStand

A good example of an optimal design and stand assembly can be found in Expofranquicia Madrid. A fair that brings together a business model that is in the process of expansion, the franchise.

A fair that stands out mainly for the competent level of its visitors, in terms of its high purchase intention and investment profile, and that has once again shown its dynamism and ability to call, with assistants from all the Spanish Autonomous Communities, as well as from 40 countries.

The franchise, such as Tele Lavo, as a business model is undoubtedly one of the most widespread commercial schemes worldwide. This is due to a series of advantages that allows rapid growth and a decrease in risks.

To be part of a franchise allows to know the labor market, to have privileged information about the demand and the results. In addition to having resources and guidelines that will help start a business quickly and effectively, significantly reducing the risk involved in starting a business adventure.



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