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The advance of the digital tools has done that, in many cases, center them on the advertising efforts. Nevertheless, in certain business types it continues being very important, even the key, the fair marketing.

That moment in which both professionals in our sector and potential clients live the brand experience first-hand. It is an important moment because it is usually a passenger and we have very little time for the image of our brand to stay deep in the public. If you face this challenge, you must know how to stand out from the rest of the options you have around you.

Factors to consider riding the perfect custom stand

booth design Spain

Before participating in a fair, as in any marketing strategy, is to know in depth what is your type of business, with its weaknesses and strengths, to be able to get the most out of it. Then, what is the target audience to which you intend to affect the meeting.

It may be the case that your target is very broad, but that the fair is aimed at a more segmented audience by age or profession, so it is necessary to take it into account to know what your needs are and what is expected that your brand can offer.

It is also necessary to take into account the objectives and motivation that drives you to set up a stand in a certain space. Do you want to improve the brand image? Look for that longed market niche? To coordinate visits? to do networking? It is important to keep this in mind since the success of your presence at the fair will depend on the outcome of the objectives (try to make them realistic) that you have marked: contacts made, arranged visits, etc.

With these data in hand, the stand design will depend largely on the space that has been granted at the fair. Not only the square meters you have, but where in the pavilion you are located.

It does not produce the same impact the first exhibition booth that is seen when entering the hall that the last or the one between two major competitors. So that your booth does not get lost among the amalgam of information found in the pavilion should stand out, be attractive and why not, different, and always in line with the sector.

The stands distribution in ephemeral spaces can be given by decision of the organization, although the most logical and habitual is that it is by modality and in alphabetical order so that there is no advantage. To this must be added the technical needs that may be required, such as an expert in lighting or a stand fitter.

All the effort and work is of no use if it is not promoted and you do not announce your presence at the fair. You can use your different communication channels to announce a prudential time before the event: email campaign to customers, ads through social networks or even, if you want to give broad coverage, use advertising in Google Adwords.

During the event, it is also convenient to make publications (if your target is a user of social networks) since the “direct” is extremely important to create notoriety. It is also necessary to inform when it has finished, especially if some way of communication has echoed the event and has reported on the present brands.

The safety of the exhibition booth is another key factor before designing and set up. This can prevent the floor from failing, if someone climbs over it; or that someone of the anchorages release. These accidents not only give a bad reputation to the brand, but it can harm a visitor.

About what no creative does not like to speak, but that always they extract when the executives shine, is about the budget. It is indispensable to know what item you possess before throwing stand design or to contract to the necessary personnel. You must destine part of this budget to the promotion campaign before, during and after the event.

Trade Show Displays Types

The type of trade show booth will be based on the comments in the previous points. Always in coherence with the brand and space, you can choose between:
1. Portable stand. This case is ideal if the event has a short duration or if you are not interested in having too much presence. It is usually in the form of a rollup or advertising display. Highlights the corporate image of the brand in a clear way. One of the positive aspects of these stands, apart from the fact that the price is usually lower than others options, is that you can take advantage of it for other events, or even take advantage of it for decorating your company thanks to its easy transfer.
2. Modular booth. It is one of the most economical proposals, since it combines aluminum with melanin, but does not offer many creative or aesthetic options. It is designed for fairs in which the objective is, for example, to make contacts and networking, but not to create a powerful brand image.

3. Custom booth. If you want to stand out, to add value to your brand and give that to speak, this one is the type of stand that you need. In it, you will be able to use the materials that you want. Lately it has become fashionable to use a very audiovisual style with corporate attractive videos.

It is interesting to add trade fair merchandising such as pens, notebooks, T-shirts or even offer a coffee as a claim, since the public is more attracted to the stands in which something is given. We see in all the fairs that the spaces in which most of the audience is concentrated are visually very attractive or give something, and even queues are formed. Of course, the cost is much higher than in previous cases, but it is worth it if you achieve your branding goal.

4. Thematic stand. Actually, it is a variant of the custom booth. In this case, the theme of the exhibition or the company itself is used to create a stand decoration accordingly. If we dedicate ourselves to construction and that year your star product is the houses on the beach, you can create a simile of a beach place so that the visitor really lives this experience and does not easily forget the product, thanks to the power of the association of ideas.
5. Inflatable booth. Logically, it is one of the least common and usually occurs when the event is related to children or leisure activities. It is one of the big bets when the event is held abroad, as it is ideal to withstand possible weather changes and is easy to withdraw.

Good practice tips, according to Adam ExpoStand

If you want to be successful applying trade fair marketing, it is convenient that you follow these tips:

1. Be faithful and coherent with the brand. It can be tempting to put together a trade show display according to something that is fashionable at that moment; but be careful, if it has nothing to do with the business you want to highlight, the communication is not valid and it is possible that the potential client will eventually forget.

2. Caring for the image of the staff that is in the booth. In addition to the structure you place, there will also be company personnel attending to visitors. It is necessary that this staff be properly formed for the consultations that may arise.

His image must be untainted in the way dressing, complying with the dress code of the event, since a tone output is received as something negative, as in body posture. A person with an elegant appearance, clean, clear, with security and confidence, provides a better image than an apparently insecure person. Keep in mind that, they are also part of the brand image, so we cannot allow label defects.

3. Do not lose sight of social networks. When the target are millennials, for example, a group very active in social networks, one of the most important parts during the event will be to connect through social networks. Using live stories or Instagram can make the difference between having many physical visits or not. You can also create games of expectation or offer some type of claim as prizes or merchandising fair to come to the stand.

4. Do not take anything for granted. Do not leave anything to chance. Before designing, it is advisable to physically visit the space so that, once you go to the assembly, you will not find surprises that force you to make changes on site. If you have some type of audiovisual, you have to try it before the public arrives and avoid the typical “direct failures” that can give a negative image to your brand.
5. Inspire in the new trends. Each year there are different fair marketing proposals that you can adapt, if they fit with the event and with the target. Among the current trends highlights the use of event applications, social networks, and the stands design that combine several modalities.



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