Become successful by exhibiting at Estoril Congress Center with an award-winning booth designed and built by Adam Expo Stand


Do you want to increase your company’s brand exposure and sales by displaying products and services at a high-profile trade show venue? Look no further than the state-of-the-art Estoril Congress Center near Lisbon, Portugal. When you exhibit at this premier destination with an incredibly designed trade show booth from award-winning stand builder Adam Expo Stand, the opportunities for business success are endless.

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award-winning booth design and build Estoril Congress Center Cascais Portugal


As the largest venue of its kind near Portugal’s capital, the Estoril Congress Center has an excellent reputation for hosting major international events that deliver great ROI for exhibitors. But to truly stand out and make the most of this opportunity, partnering with seasoned experts Adam Expo Stand is a smart move. Their customized booth designs repeatedly win top honors at shows for delivering traffic-stopping creativity that leaves a long-term impression on attendees. With options for sustainability, innovation, and lead generation tools built right in, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in ambitious exhibition goals and forge new industry connections.

Why exhibit at Estoril Congress Center Portugal

Home to high-profile conferences, trade fairs and corporate events year-round, the ultramodern Estoril Congress Center provides access to large qualified audiences. Their stellar venues can accommodate over 3,000 delegates and participants at a time across sectors like technology, pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing and beyond. Whether you aim to demo products, connect with partners, or launch into new global markets, this hub conveniently situated 30km from Lisbon puts you in front of over 200,000 visitors annually — without sacrificing comfort. Their state-of-the-art facilities, stellar tech amenities and commitment to sustainability also appeal greatly to today’s discerning B2B decision-makers and industry innovators.

Large attendance numbers

As the leading destination for large-scale events near Lisbon, Estoril Congress Center hosts over 150 conferences and exhibitions annually with huge visitor attendance. Recent shows covering industries from IT to infrastructure have brought 10,000+ qualified attendees. Conveniently, located exhibitions mean higher participation rates from Portuguese stakeholders too.

Varied industries and profiles

While tech and telecom shows attract big masses here, the center welcomingly hosts gatherings for versatile sectors without limitations. Medical device launches, sustainability summits, and industrial engineering fairs have all been recent hits here — allowing your brand to target diverse decision-makers in one place.

International reach

Far more than a local venue, the Estoril Congress Center puts exhibitors in front of a global audience each year thanks to extensive ties with event organizers worldwide. From multinational energy corporations to associations like the International Federation for Information Processing, high-caliber groups choose this prime location to facilitate international participation.

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Convention Bureau — Estoril Congress Center Cascais Portugal

Working with Adam Expo Stand

To stand out amidst steep competition for attendee mindshare, collaborating with an experienced branding agency that handles design and production under one roof is wise. Adam Expo Stand makes the logistics easy through completely customized, award-winning booth creations tailored to your branding and event marketing goals.

As winner of the Exhibitor Magazine Award for Best Booth Awards (EXHIBITOR Magazine’s highest honor recognizing excellence in trade show exhibit design), Adam Expo Stand has a stellar industry reputation for executing exhibitor visions that get noticed and deliver results. They handle everything from striking aesthetic designs to lead generation technology like live polling screens built right into stands.

Award-winning designs

Innovation, creativity and head-turning style are symbols of Adam Expo Stand’s work. Unlike off-the-shelf options, they devise solutions from scratch that align with your objectives. Tailored architectural elements, materials, digital displays, product display case and even sustainable features make each booth they construct unique.

Custom builds

Adam Expo Stand design, produce and build eye-catching structures shaped specifically around your offering and audience to foster engagement that drives ROI. With access to the latest manufacturing techniques like CNC machining and 3D printing, their designers’ visions for client booths know no limits.

Turnkey service

Lean on Adam Expo Stand’s meticulous project management at every step from striking concept to timely on-site assembly. Or take advantage of à la carte options if you prefer an extra hand with just stand design, production engineering or onsite assistance. Either way, they adeptly handle critical details — so you can focus fully on highlighting your organization.

Standout features

While Adam Expo Stand brings client visions to life through tailored builds loaded with fine details, they have honed specialties known to rake in trade show success over their award-winning history.

Creativity and innovation

Fusing form and function, Adam Expo Stand applies immense creativity to dream up solutions that leave a permanent impact on audiences while integrating practical elements to drive opportunities. An immersive branded theme, multi-dimensional designs and unexpected materials are all fair game for them to consider if it fit your strategy.

Use of technology

Digital engagement understood today’s trade show attendees expect an interactive, high-tech experience. That’s why Adam Expo Stand incorporates tech like augmented reality, virtual reality, geo-targeted texts, RFID, interactive LED walls and more into stands when suitable to stimulate booth traffic and conversation.


Eco-friendly booth construction processes and recycled build materials help minimize event waste — which today’s consumers applaud. Adam Expo Stand keeps sustainability top of mind, recommending reusable structures or plant-based prints. These meaningful details reinforce your values to peers.

Initial consultation

Share high-level goals, budget parameters, brand guidelines, event details and more so their team can assess needs and devise a tailored game plan catered to your KPIs.

Design phase

Adam Expo Stand will craft multiple rendering options for your review where you can select your favorite features. Expect customer-focused service and patience as we iterate to create your dream design together.

Build and delivery

Once the aesthetic vision is approved, their engineering and fabrication experts swing into action on a quick but careful construction timeline for timely shipping and setup. White glove service ensures everything arrives in perfect order.

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Exhibit Display Design and Build Estoril Congress Center Cascais Portugal


What makes Adam Expo Stand’s designs award-winning?

Their creations win top honors consistently for smartly integrating design ingenuity, custom fabrication and technology into market-wise solutions furthering client goals from brand presence to lead generation and more.

What are common materials they use for trade show booths?

From sustainable woods to plexiglass to recycled plastics, metal composites and beyond, Adam Expo Stand leverages broad material access and fabrication techniques to match clients’ aesthetic visions and functional needs.


The verdict is clear — partnering with Adam Expo Stand to create an award-worthy exhibit at the premier Estoril Congress Center taps immense potential to amplify your brand, engage audiences and meet critical business growth KPIs through exhibitions. Their tailored high-tech booths repeatedly deliver unparalleled visibility and access to vast qualified audiences.

Trust a seamless experience and smart ROI game plan with adept professionals pioneering experiences that visitors and industry peers remember. Meet record-breaking lead generation and branding goals by displaying your latest within their next masterful booth creation destined for top honors.

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