Advices to choose shell scheme stand, poster panels and furniture for fairs and congresses in Spain


Shell scheme stand, poster panels, furniture for fairs, congresses and events, with recommendations and advices, is what Adam Expo Stand offers.

Every year are thousands the national and international fairs that are organized and, certainly with different subject matters. It is for it that, for the companies that want to exhibit its products and services, it is important to count with a good exhibition stand that it should attract attention on all those who approach and walk along the corridors of the same ones.

Of a time to this part, the saving has begun to be part also of the planning of these events, doing of the modular stands an alternative more than advisable partly thanks to its aptitude to adapt it to any space and also to its assembly time.

Recommendations at the moment of choosing standbuilding supplier:

- As reusable stands it is very important to request that the material be presented in good condition to carry out the assembly, being obliged of the company that supplies it to take care of it and clean up after each event. In important companies of the sector, in view of the large volume of assemblies that they make, it may be usual for the stands to be dismantled at a fair and taken directly to the assembly of another fair without a previous review of the material. For them will suppose significant savings, which you will not see reflected in the budget presented to you.

- After a first contact with several companies that are dedicated to the exhibition booth assembly, you must detect and decide if they have proposed the best solutions to make the presence in fairs and events the most profitable and attractive possible for your agency, company, organization or institution.

- To guarantee safety, quality and delivery times, the assembly must be done with a team of qualified professionals, under the presence of the commercial designated to take over the management and coordination of the event that you have hired.

- The advice from the set up company must be clear, fluid and permanent, we all know that the competition today is no longer between big and small but between fast and slow.

Another interesting option, as Adam Expo Stand commented, is to open the possibility of renting panels for posters, other of the great services needed in the planning of the exhibition spaces.

The assembly of the panels can be individual, zigzag or linear, depending on your needs and those of the exhibition space. According to the exhibition needs, complete walls or with free low part to create a greater sense of spaciousness, also in many cases to divide the stands, they can be used also as an enclosure.

Besides this, experts like Adam ExpoStand are also able to supply the furniture necessary for the decoration, offering an full exhibition service that will be of great help to the companies that look for this type of assembly in fairs, hotels or even in some shopping centers.



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