Adam Expo Stand design at PHARMAGORA PLUS — The Largest Pharmacy Event in France



PHARMAGORA PLUS is the single largest exhibition and conference in France entirely dedicated to serving the pharmacy market. Therefore, if you are in the pharmacy sector, PHARMAGORA PLUS will guarantee valuable face-to-face engagement and provide you with an opportunity to connect with your prospects amplify your network and make a proactive decision.

The PharmagoraPlus trade show, organized by CloserStill Media, closed on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles after the passage of more than 13.800 visitors, an increase of 6.3% compared to 2018. For two days, pharmacists, health professionals and partners of the profession met to reflect, discuss and understand the societal and professional issues of pharmacy today and tomorrow.

“This 34th edition was an exceptional year that met the expectations of our participants and allowed us to find answers to the many questions of a changing profession. Pharmacists have once again proved to us that they have become the indispensable link, the key to entering an increasingly complex care path for patients”, explains Adrien Collilieux, Director of Pharmagora Plus.

With more than 400 exhibitors, 75 hours of conferences, 200 experts, and opinion leaders, Pharmagora Plus today represents a crossroads for the exchange of all stakeholders of the French pharmacy in a spirit of construction of a profession without ceases to evolve.

Pharmaceutical assessment, new dispensing fees, new alliances in the care path … the reform proposes new missions aimed at reducing the dependence of pharmacy remuneration on drug price reductions and improving the efficiency of the patient’s care pathway. . The experts involved in the round tables of PharmagoraPlus and debates of the Forum of the Profession answered questions and opened avenues for reflection on the upheavals caused by the effective implementation of these provisions.

Being a leading organization for exhibit booth design and construction, it was our pleasure to design an impeccable stand for our clients that participate in the largest pharmacy event in France, PHARMAGORA PLUS. The exhibition has always been our core operation. Since we always thrive to bring pioneering designs for stand and booth, we are able to deliver a spectacular show that differentiates you as a brand. In the end, you get an influential platform for product marketing, direct selling, and for long-lasting business relationships.

In a world of globalization and expanding markets, the Adam Expo Stand serves as a bridge to a perfect business. Since our organization adheres to customer-oriented services, we design and deliver as per the client expectation and evidently confers you with an opportunity to display product & service as per the client needs. With our exhibition stand construction services, you can launch your product confidently and create an intuitive atmosphere that seizes the customer’s attention.

How Adam Expo Stand Work for Event or Exhibition?

Innovative and modern, Adam Expo Stand provides full-fledged services for the design and construction of bespoke stands. With our expertise and your vision, we can construct the concept into reality. Ever since we incorporated, we have kept the zing to be called a trusted brand for exhibition stands and have managed to surpass the client expectations with creative diversity, attention to detail and quality.

Our stand designers first capture the customer’s vision and then begin to design an intuitive stand. In the midst of a variety of experts, we always advise you on what will work best for you at next event.



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