8 Tips for modular stands, panels for posters and counters for fairs, congresses and events in Spain

Modular stands, panels for posters, counters for trade shows, congresses and events in Spain, with recommendations and tips, so that you can acquire the quality you deserve. As you know the modular stands are an economical alternative to the design stands thanks to its adaptability and fast assembly. They also offer several customization possibilities to convey the desired corporate image.

We would like to offer you some recommendations and advices to take into account when you choose the company entrusted to realize the assembly of your exhibition stand, fair, event or congress:

- As it is reusable stands it is very important to request that the material to be presented in good condition to carry out the assembly, being an obligation of the supplier company to take care of it and clean up after each event. In important companies of the sector, given the large volume of assemblies they make, it may be usual that the stands dismantled in a fair to be taken directly to the assembly of another fair without a previous review of the material. For them will be a significant saving, which you will not see reflected in the budget presented to you.

- After a first contact with several companies that are dedicated to the assembly of exhibition stands, you have the ability to detect and decide if they have proposed the best solutions to make the presence in fairs and events as cost-effective and attractive as possible for your agency, company, organization or institution.

- To guarantee the safety, the quality and the delivery time, the assembly must be carried out with a team of qualified professionals, under the presence of the commercial designated to assume the management and coordination of the event that you have contracted.

- The advice from the assembler company must be clear, fluid and permanent, we all know that the competition today is no longer between big and small but between fast and slow.

Adam Expo Stand, apart from the modular stands offers the service of panels rental for posters, pictures and cartels in fairs, congresses, exhibitions and events in Spain.

In this case also we want to offer some recommendations and tips for the optimal distribution of the exhibition space, making profitable the investment realized:

- The assembly of the panels can be individual, in zigzag or linear, depending on your needs and those of the exhibition space.

- According to the event needs, it can use complete walls or with the free low part to create a major sensation of extent.

- Can also be used as enclosure or division of spaces.

- In some event we have produced directly the panels in printed foam obtaining completely personalized walls.

Our panels are made in white aluminum profiles and panel of melanin of the same color.

We know that an important part in the composition of the stands for fairs is the presence of modular complements such as: counters, showcases, shelves etc., we supply them for you to receive a complete service.



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